[passion for works]


1.All illustrations are portrayed with colored pencils.

The warm and lovable look heals you with just a glance.

I’m very happy if my illustrations give you soothing sense

of peace every time you look.

2.handcrafted with my whole heart piece by piece.

Each piece has my wish that cocorotsu make your lives

happier,happier and happier!


3.I go traveling around the world to meet living creatures.

I wish my feeling impressed by mysterious, unique and amusing living creatures

reaches you through my accessories and affects you positively.

This is the reason I go travel to meet real creatures.

If going out to meet wildlife is difficult,I visit zoos to see them with

my own eyes and feel their lives.

trip for meeting unique creatures

4.The first case in the world!

Each piece has a petit pictorial book for your further knowledge!

5.Part of the proceeds will be donated through WWF to protect endangered species.

2 million to a hundred million kinds of creatures inhabit on the earth with us,

but twenty thousands of them are now facing endangered due to global warming

and forest destruction.